Mogotest is Shutting Down

On November 30, 2014, we'll be running our last test. We've stopped accepting new trials, but thank you for your interest. It's been a pleasure working with the rest of the testing community as we've tried to vastly improve the status quo over the past 5 years. While Mogotest will no longer be around, a good amount of our work will live on in the 50+ open source projects we've contributed to and via the the process of Web Consistency Testing.

We'd like to thank everyone that's been involved in one way or another over the years, especially the fine folks over at TechStars, where we got our start. Getting anyone to listen to your story is a hard task in any environment. In the massive flood of startups nowadays, it’s doubly so. Friends, family, colleagues, conference goers, customers, and so on have gotten to hear us rave about testing for years now. Thank you for your time, your feedback, your wisdom, and your empathy.

Team Mogotest

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