MogoTest for Mattress Shoppers

Looking for a new mattress can be a full-time job, trust us, we know it at Mogo Test. Often people buy the worst options, whether because they did not know what construction was suitable for their body needs and sleeping positions, or persuasive sellers convinced them.

Lately, people tend to focus more on online shopping, even for mattresses. At the beginning, it was terra incognita for most people, because how do you buy something so essential without actually seeing it or laying on it, right?

This is why websites such as MogoTest exist. Our mission is to bring you the best and most detailed mattress reviews as possible. As well as providing biggest coupons for our readers, see our recent Purple mattress coupon for the biggest deal.

To do that, we first have to review these mattresses; it means that we check every little detail about them. Our keen eye won’t miss any imperfection. We will test the beds for durability, support, coolness, and edge support. We check every layer’s material, cover, and how it feels when you sleep on it.

We are experts in picking ones for the right sleeping position. So if you sleep on your back, we will quickly guide you towards the firmer beds. We recommend semi-firm options for stomach sleepers and soft beds for side sleepers.

Our main idea is to help you create a picture of your desired one just as if you have seen it live. And you know what? Buying your next mattress online is even a better option because people tend to pick the wrong bed at the stores.

People firmly believe that by lying on the mattress and seeing it at the store, they are able to pick the right option for them.  When they get it home and sleep on it for a few weeks, they realize it causes them pain. Also, nobody guarantees you that the mattress you saw in the store was not kept there for years (germs, dust, dirt).

On the other hand, buying your mattress online has its perks; you get it delivered, know in advance how it was made and what you can expect. Plus, the companies usually give you sleep trial periods that last from one to three months or they offer steep coupon codes. Online companies are not strange to making custom beds, either.

But how will you know which company sells the right mattresses? How will you know which company is the real deal and not a scammer?

This is where we jump in.

We get to test only the best of the best. Our job is to find the best deals for our readers and present them an honest review. We won’t sugar coat anything; if the bed is not right, we will tell you that it does not provide the best qualities. If we are reviewing a soft bed, for example, we won’t try to sell it to a back sleeper who needs firm support.

We know what it means to sleep on bad mattresses, which is why are here – we want to spread the word to the right companies, inform you about coupons and deals that will help you get your bed for a reasonable price.

Besides that, we are very detailed about the options the companies are offering such as delivery, warranty, sleep trial, customer support, and of course certificates.

So, if you have no idea where to start, or you don’t have the time to keep track of the good companies and their special offers like Loom and Leaf coupon we have avaliable, we are here to help you.

We will keep you updated with an abundance of reviews, great deals, and a variety of bed constructions.

Finally, the great online sellers seek websites like ours because naturally, they want the readers to know more about their offers.