Leesa Mattress Reviews for 2021 (Leesa Coupons & Discount Codes 2021)

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It’s always thrilling to test a new mattress in a box. Although Leesa is not a new name; this brand is active and thriving on the market for several years now, continually working on their improvements and meeting clients’ needs.

The guys at this company are entirely focused on quality sleeping, so you can be sure that their upgraded products are even more perfect.

We tested Leesa, and there is no doubt why this online company is among the top-rated on the market – this semi-firm mattress has it all.

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You Will Love It If:

  • You want a fresh bed: The construction is made of foam, so we thought the coolness thing was sort of crossed off the list. The Avena foam is known for its cooling abilities and is wrapped in a polyester cover. No matter how long you sleep (and sink in the layers) you won’t feel overheated.
  • You sleep on your back and stomach: Average firm foams are the best choice for back and stomach sleepers. It does not sink in drastically and supports the right points (neck, hips, and the entire spine for back sleepers). Stomach sleepers get proper support from head to toes, without feeling as if they sleep on the floor. Side sleepers can also enjoy it; the foam won’t put any harsh pressure to the hips.
  • Pressure is not for you: Sleeping on foam mattresses is the ideal choice if you feel pain and discomfort. Usually, pressure is added to hips, shoulders, neck, and knees, but this foam adjusts nicely to your figure. It sinks just enough to hug your body; your rest will be entirely pain-free.
  • You have back issues: One word: contouring. Leesa’s layers are strategically added to give support and contour your body in any position.
  • Foam is your favorite material: Foam mattresses are a popular choice because of their longevity, comfort, and proper contouring. Plus the Avena foam has enough bounce to keep you on the surface.

It’s Not For You If:

  • Edge support is crucial for you: Foam is not the best option for firm edge support. The foam is much better than most foam beds when it comes to this trait; it does not sink in drastically.
  • Spring beds are your favorite: Spring beds offer bounce, and if you need this trait, then it might not be your ideal choice.

The Layers

We cannot write a review without going in details about the layers of the mattress we’re testing.

Leesa got a solid 9. The mattress satisfied all needs of a sleeper who seeks great comfort, contouring without pressure, and refreshing sleep.

Let’s take a look at each layer.

Cover: The mattress is wrapped in a firm and durable polyester that keeps the foam in place. There is no way any layer will move as you toss and turn. The cover allows excellent airflow that does not trap body heat inside the foam layers. The surface is soft and pleasant to the touch.

First layer (Avena foam): With its latex resemblance, the 2-inch thick top layer gives a pleasant comfort. It adds for the coolness and allows constant airflow (see the holes on the surface). This layer is responsible for the slight bounce.

Second layer: The middle memory foam is also 2 inches thick and provides fantastic pressure relief. The moment you lie down, you feel how your body weight is equally distributed all over the surface (without sinkage). This layer is responsible for the contouring (as your body sinks, you feel how the foam adjusts to your frame).

Base: The first two layers lie on a 6-inch thick foundation that is firm and stable and gives the entire support of the bed. This layer provides durability but also guarantees to keep your weight on the surface.


Our Rating 6.5/10

The bed is placed in the category of average firmness, which means 6.5/10. This level of firmness is ideal for every sleeping position; perhaps the best choice for stomach and back sleepers. These positions require proper contouring, support, and low sinking and yet soft upper layers. If you sleep on your side, you will still find it comfortable, although there might be mild pressure on the usual pressure points (hips and shoulders).

Edge Support

For a foam mattress, Leesa got quite a high rate for its edge support. Sure, it is not a spring construction (with bounce) but, it is quite the best option for a bed made entirely of foam.

This means you can easily move in any position, get up quickly, and sleep with proper weight distribution (without crazy sinking). You can feel that the edge support is not in its highest peak when you sit (there is a bit of compression).

Motion Transfer

Foam is a good choice if you don’t like to feel any motion transfer. Leesa offers this trait, although we gave 8.5/10, because there can be felt light movement (which can be a problem for light sleepers). We also love that the bed does not make any noise when you move.



  • Return policy/sleep trial: They offer a sleep trial of 100 nights for free. In case you decide to return it you will get a full refund. However, Hawaii and Alaska will have to pay a $100 return fee.
  • Warranty: 10 years of limited warranty
  • Certificates: Entirely eco-friendly and without risk of health damage, it holds CertiPUR-US Certificate. For every purchase, the company plants a tree.
  • Sizes: All six sizes available (twin, twin XL, Queen, King, Full, and California King).

Final thoughts

Leesa is already a proven company that sells top quality products. Their motto is quality sleeping, and it manifests in every layer they used.

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Overall, this average firm bed offers satisfying comfort, great support, coolness and airflow, and quite a soft cover that keeps the layers safe and in place.

It’s an excellent choice for every sleeping position, with adequate edge support, enough bounce (top rate for a foam bed) and satisfying motion transfer. Other great options can be found on the Nectar coupons

We recommend it also because of the ten-year warranty, the certificates it holds and of course the free sleep trial of 100 nights and full money refund in case you return it.