Loom and Leaf Reviews for 2021 (Loom and Leaf Coupon & Discount)

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Saatva has never failed to offer a mattress that did not feel comfy and supportive, and such is the case with Loom and Leaf. It arrived in a box (it’s not compressed), and we could not wait any minute longer to test it.

We wanted to see whether its price is worthy of it. It may be pricer than most other products, but the quality is totally proportional to it. Although, we do have a Loom and Leaf coupon code that you can apply by clicking below.

It is a thick memory foam construction that offers refreshing sleep and provides luxurious support even for the pickiest sleepers.

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This Is The Great Pick For You If:

  • You Want Cool Sleep: L&L is entirely made of memory foam that has a layer with air channels that are allowing constant airflow. Besides the foam, there is gel infusion, known for its cooling abilities (it is often used to cool foam layers). If you are having second thoughts whether the foam will make you feel hot, we can assure you that there is no hot sleeping on this one.
  • You Sleep On Your Side: It may appear firm at first, but it is definitely not a super firm bed. The foam adjusts to your form and gently softens up as you lie down. When you turn to your side, there won’t be any pressure to your knees, hips, or shoulders. And the foam and its perfect contouring support your hips well, so your spine remains in a natural position.
  • You Want to Invest Your Money in a Good Product – Sure, this might be a pricey option, but this item is made to last. The foam is known as one of the most durable materials that can go up to twenty years.
  • You Want Tall Bed With Great Motion Transfer – They offer splendid motion transfer; the foam layers will absorb any vibration and won’t transfer it to the entire surface. It’s ideal for couples. Also, it has enough bounce for natural movements.

It’s Is Not The Best Choice If:

  • You Need A Soft Surface: Although this is not the firmest product we tested, it is far from soft. The foam does take the shape of your body and does not put pressure, but it is not that soft so that you can sink into the core. This is an average firmness, with comfortable upper layers.
  • You Are Not a Fan of Memory Foam: If you are one of those people who are into spring or hybrid beds than this product might not fulfill your expectations. It offers excellent contouring, support, and motion transfer but it does not give the bounce you get with spring construction.
  • You Are a Heavier Person/Sleep On Your Stomach: If this is the case, then your hips will sink deeper in the core, causing you lower back pain and hip pressure. We recommend you to seek for a firmer construction, a sleeping surface that will keep you on the top of the surface (preferably with springs).


It is 12 inches tall and is manufactured in the United States of America. This is a foam bed made with five different layers, all wrapped in a soft cover.

  1. Cover – Made of organic quilted cotton, the cover keeps the layers protected and provides you with softness. It is breathable and does not trap body temperature. Besides the gel infused foam, the cover is also allowing the air to pass through the surface, leaving it cool and pleasant for sleeping.
  2. Layer 1 – The gel-infused memory foam is 2 inches thick and about 4 lb dense; it is breathable and makes the surface cool.
  3. Layer 2 – The middle layer contains gel laminate panel (Spinal Zone Gel) specially added for better support and freshness.
  4. Layer 3 – Right below the middle layer, there are two more inches of thick memory foam that weighs about 5 lb.
  5. Layer 4 – This is the transitional layer that makes sleeping cozy and comfortable. It keeps you on the surface and does not allow you to feel the firmness of the lower layers.
  6. Base – The foundation is made of polyfoam, which adds support and durability to this item.


It is categorized as a semi-firm bed that is excellent for side sleepers, but also for back and stomach sleepers that are not on the heavier side. The foam is exceptionally comfortable and adjusts easily to your frame. No pressure can be felt when you turn to your side, and what is super important is that the gel-infused foam helps a lot in keeping your spine aligned (your hips get perfect support).

Edge Support

The foam is not the firmest material, and when you sit on the edges, there is some sinking. But, in general, it distributes the weight properly when you lie down, and even if you sleep near the edges, you won’t fall.

For couples, it is definitely a great choice.

Motion Transfer

You can feel barely any motion transfer when you move, which makes it an ideal option for couples who want to sleep peacefully while their partner tosses and turns. The foam will absorb any vibration, so this feature is pretty good.


  • Sleep trial: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 15 years (non-prorated)
  • Refund: The company is open to refunds if you return the item within the sleep trial.
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin Extra Long, King, Queen, Full and California King
  • Shipping: Continental USA and Canada

Our Final Thoughts

Testing the product was fun. We have only positive impressions of this bed. It was carefully manufactured to provide you with comfortable sleep, free of pressure, and sweating. The materials are responsive, and the entire surface feels pleasant when you sit or lie down. Please don’t forget to apply our Loom and Leaf mattress promo at checkout.

The fact that they used foam infused with gel makes it even more special for people who prefer foam but still want to wake up fresh and dry.

This might be a pricier model, but it is worthy of your money; it offers far longer sleep trial and warranty than most companies. If you would like a discounted mattress check out our Nectar mattress coupon page. It’s a great value for the money.