Mattress Coupons for 2019

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How To Tell You’re Overpaying For Your Bed

When it comes time to purchase a new bed, finding the right balance between quality and pricing is a hard task! Many people wrongfully make the assumption that a higher priced bed automatically translates to long-lasting quality and comfort— this is clearly not always the case. Sometimes, retailers will overprice their frames and mattresses to offset other costs, and had you searched elsewhere, you would’ve discovered that the purchase price is nowhere near realistic.

How can you tell you may be overpaying for your bed? There are no perfect set of rules to gauge your spending, but there are certain steps you can take to ensure the deal you’ve found is worth it!

Always Comparison Shop

The Internet makes it easy to comparison shop and compare pricing. Why spend more on a bed than its retail value? It’s worth noting that retailers want to turn a profit, so you will never pay as little as they do when they sell products. However, some retailers are quite greedy and will overprice their products so that during sales, they can lower them to the acceptable range.

Find a make and model of a mattress you want and search Google to find the retailers that carry the same mattress. Try to get a feel for a fair price and compare different merchants. Take into consideration that while some may offer free shipping, while others may tack on this extra charge to the sale price.

Know What’s In The Bed

Why is your bed costing a certain amount? Perhaps better put, what’s included in the purchase price? An expensive bed shouldn’t just burn your budget, but rather, it should offer comfort, pain relief and a quality construction that’s guaranteed to last. Fancy covers, unnecessary layers and low-density foam are just some of the marketing gimmicks that retailers may use to sell their overpriced products.

Research the construction materials of your bed in question and consider how it could translate to comfort and better quality. If you notice that the bed offers very little value once the marketing gimmicks are eliminated, it means you need to keep searching for a better deal.

Questions To Ask Before Buying

Sometimes, the concept of overpaying isn’t just about evaluating whether the retailer is asking a fair price. In some instances, it really involves looking at your own needs objectively. Here are some questions that can help prevent too much spending:

How often will this bed get used?

Sometimes, overpaying simply implies spending too much on a bed you’ll rarely use. If your in-laws visit once a year, a bed-in-a-box option isn’t just affordable, but offers ample quality for the price.

Do you recognize the brand?

Simply put, you shouldn’t have to pay a premium price for an off-brand bed when you can purchase a recognizable brand name instead for the same price. Paying too much for an off-brand mattress may mean settling for a lower quality product.

Is there a good return policy?

You need to consider a retailer’s return policy before making your purchase. A cheap mattress may not seem so cheap anymore if the retailer doesn’t accept returns or charges a hefty restocking fee. Very few mattress retailers accept free returns, but a good mattress may cost even more when factoring in the costs of a return.

Overpaying for a good mattress is inevitable sometimes, but by arming yourself with some knowledge you can prevent careless spending. Mattress retailers are in the business to make money, but don’t ignore the possibility of expanding your search parameters. Comparison shopping and looking at different brands can help you get a fair deal.