Nectar Mattress Reviews for 2021 (Nectar Mattress Coupon and Sleep Discount)

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Nectar is an all-foam mattress with superb quality that you can feel the moment you lie on it. But, as we always say, you cannot be sure of the quality of your bed by testing it only for a couple of minutes. We tested it, and it did fulfill our expectations. Also, we have a Nectar mattress coupon code below that you can use!

The manufacturer used foam infused with gel for the top layers, which is the winning formula for a comfortable and fresh rest. There is no pressure and barely any deep sinking into the core.

We choose this product not only because it is a quality made mattress, but also because it is a long-term investment that will last for a decade.

Grab Your Deal Below

Pick It If You:

  • Need a Bed with Excellent Motion Transfer: The gel-infused foam does not let any movement go noticed. No vibrations will spread through the layers, which makes this mattress perfect for couples.
  • Want a Comfortable Sleep: Foam is known as a material that adjusts to your body frame in any position. They uses several layers infused with gel that will massage every muscle and joint, without putting any pressure to your hips, knees, and shoulders.
  • Prefer Cool Sleeping: Although memory foam is known to trap heat and does not allow airflow, that is not the case with this model. The gel adds for the coolness, and the cover is soft and breathable.
  • Seek For Long Warranty: These guys are like no other; their warranty is forever.
  • Are on a Budget: They have quite a reasonable price for a product that is carefully manufactured and offers excellent performance.
  • Sleep in Any Position: It’s ideal for back and side sleepers. It is medium-firm and gives perfect support. Stomach sleepers won’t have issues at all, although they usually sleep better on hybrids.

Don’t Pick It If:

  • You Are Not a Fan of Memory Foam: This is an all-foam construction that might not work for you if you dislike this material.
  • You Seek Bounce: Although they offer sufficient bounce for a memory bed, it is far from a spring construction.

Let’s See The Layers

Made of four layers, wrapped in a soft cover, it is a tall and semi-firm bed that provides enough support, coolness, and contouring.

  • Layer 1 – The top layer is one inch thick and is made of foam infused with gel. This gel is quilted and added to the cover; it provides a cool sleep but also extra comfortable feeling when you lie down. It will not trap your body temperature, but would instead pull it away from the surface, leaving you fresh and dry during your rest.
  • Layer 2 – Below lays the second layer, which is a memory foam (3 inches thick) that gives you support, contouring, and works as the first transitional layer between the top and the base. As you lie down, you feel how it takes the shape of your body. It reduces all pressure that comes from the lower firm layers.
  • Layer 3 – The third layer is added for the ultimate support. It gives a balance between the firm base and the softer upper layers, working as a more stable transition than the soft second layer. No matter how much you toss and turn, this layer will keep you supported and won’t let you sink into the core of the bed.
  • Layer 4 – The base is made of 5.25 inches thick memory foam. The foundation is firm and keeps it stable wherever you place it (floor or frame). Thanks to its density, the bed has enough compression no matter how much the sleeper weighs.
  • Cover – The layers are wrapped in a soft cover that comes with a zipper, which makes it easily removable. You can maintain it easily by washing it in the machine. Feels soft and comfortable and is breathable enough to provide even more freshness for the sleepers.


This is a medium-firm mattress that gives perfect support for every sleeping position. Although foam is considered to be a soft material because of its responsiveness, it has several layers of foam with various density. It makes this bed durable, supportive, and yet comfortable with enough contouring. It adjusts easily to your body shape, but it does not sink deep into the core. For the price, it’s a great deal. Use the Nectar coupon code above to save some extra money.

Edge Support

It distributes your weight properly when you lie down, and you can comfortably sleep near the edges without feeling uncomfortable (or like falling). When you sit, there is a reasonable sinkage, but that is completely normal considering the fact that this is an all-foam model.

Motion Transfer

The layers are all foam (the top layer is made of gel foam) which means that you can expect high absorbance of motion vibrations. Our test showed that the layers wouldn’t transfer the movements all over the bed. It is excellent for couples. There is a little bounce thanks to the firm base, and the gel-infused top layer, which eases up movements and getting up.

The great thing is there is no noise at all like you could expect with hybrids or spring models.

Cool Sleep

Foam is known to trap your heat and make you feel sweaty during your rest. For this reason, it contains gel-infused foam as a top layer which pulls your heat away. The cover is also breathable, so in general, it does not feel super hot.


  • Warranty: The only company that offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Sleep trial: We were surprised to see that they can be tested for a full year (365 days).
  • Shipping: Free shipping all over the U.S (white glove option).
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Our Final Thoughts

This is a top quality-made mattress that comes with a reasonable price. Contains four layers and will keep you cool during your sleep. The company offers a lifetime warranty and the most extended sleep trial of one year. Also, MogoTest received an exclusive Nectar promo code that can be used at checkout to save a lot of money! Also, if you are looking for other options see our Leesa coupon page and you will love what you see there!

We loved the comfort and the support, and above all, the low motion transfer. It feels excellent sleeping in any position, thanks to its average firmness.