Purple Mattress Reviews for 2021 ( Purple Mattress Coupon and Promo )

We are always thrilled when we have a new bed for testing, and we knew instantly that Purple wouldn’t disappoint.

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This superb mix of hyper-elastic polymer grid and polyfoam makes one comfortable and contouring surface, ideal for people who sleep on their sides. Also, they are offering a special spring sale which kind of works like a Purple mattress coupon code that everyone can use.

With its medium firmness, this bed quickly responds to your body frame and hugs every part of you, without making you feel as if you sink intothe core. We loved that there was no pressure on the usual pressure points (hips and shoulders).

We are huge fans of, but most of all of their reasonable prices, which is why we gladly share our detailed review with you.

You’ll Love It If

  • You Sleep in All Positions – The product was made to support your body in every sleeping position (side, stomach, and back). The three layers give comfort, but contour your body and distribute your weight equally, without making you feel like dropping in the core.
  • Want To Sleep Cool – You are probably tired of waking up all hot and sweaty. It won’t be the case with this one. It provides you with excellent airflow. The top polymer layer is not only comfy but also has big square openings that don’t trap your body heat and let air flow through the other layers. The cover is also breathable and soft.
  • You Seek Pressure Relief – Sleeping on your side can sometimes be the reason why you feel pressure and pain in your hips, shoulders, knees, and even neck. This bed won’t do that; the polymer can endure any weight and feels incredibly pleasant on your usual pressure points.
  • You Are a Heavier Person – Some beds are not made for more massive people, but not this one. It does not matter how much you weigh; this construction was made to endure your entire body mass. It has perfect edge support and ideal weight distribution. Not to mention it a even better deal for the price with the Purple promo code.

You Won’t Love it If

  • You Prefer Springs – There are no spring layers here, only polymer and foam, but both mixed make one durable mattress. The polymer gives enough bounce so you can get up without problems, but if you seek springs, then we suggest you seek some other model.
  • Tall Mattresses Are Not Your Thing – This one is quite tall; when placed on a bed frame, it is even taller. So if you have issues climbing on it, this option might not be the best for you.


This product is made of three layers that together build a constriction that will last for a long time and won’t disappoint your needs. Let’s see how it was built.

  • Base – The foundation is a thick layer made of firm foam and works as a stable support for the upper layers. It makes the product durable and supportive no matter how much you move, and can easily endure two or three people sleeping.
  • Middle – Filled with polyurethane foam (3.5 inches ), the middle layer is not as thick as the base, but still is firm enough to give stability and support. The middle layer works as a perfect transfer between the upper layer and the base.
  • Top layer – What makes Purple.com different than any other sleeping surface we have tested, is the top layer made of hyper-elastic polymer (2 inches). The item got its name thanks to the color of the polymer top layer. This layer looks and feels like silicone or gel-like material. This is why when you lay down, it feels as if every inch of your body is gently massaged. The little squares make the entire surface flexible, but also soft and very responsive (just like foam). Thanks to this layer, the bed can easily stretch about 15 times from its original form. You cannot achieve this stretching with foam (it will rip).


The top layer provides softness and almost as if you lie on a gel-like material. However, the middle and the base are firm enough to keep you on the surface, well supported in any position. This is a medium-firm mattress, that will not sink, drop or lose its shape no matter how much you weight. It works well for any sleeping position.

Edge Support

If you thought that a bed made of two foam layers and a polymer grid wouldn’t be able to give you enough edge support, you are wrong. This is a rare model that will support you even when you sleep near the edges. Even when you sit on it, there is no significant sinkage in the layers.

Sleep Cool

If you want good airflow and to sleep without having to wake up sweaty and hot, then you will do the right job with this model. It has a soft and breathable cover, but the polymer grid also allows air to pass through it without making you feel like burning.

Motion Transfer

Foam is an excellent material when it comes to absorbing vibrations. Such is the case with this one; the base and the middle are made of foam; they will not let any of your movements to be felt through the bed. This feature is especially crucial if you are sharing your bed with a partner.


  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Sleep trial: 100 nights (with the option to return it if you don’t like it)
  • Weight: 140 lb
  • Shipping: Rolled and packed in a practical bag
  • Fire Retardant: Firegard® Knit Barrier

Our Final Thoughts

This product is like no other model of bed we have tested before. Thanks to the perfect combination of foam and polymer, this mattress makes the ideal option that will not put any pressure or discomfort no matter what sleeping position you sleep in. You can grab the exclusive Purple mattress promo code above the page to save big.

Excellent for couples, it offers superb edge support, contouring, comfort, and enough bounce so you won’t feel like you are trapped in the core.

With its medium firmness, it’s perfect if you seek softness combined with stability and longevity.

The company offers an extended warranty of ten years and will deliver it right to your doorstep, packed in a practical and easily transportable bag. Be sure to check out our other brands like Loom and Leaf.

Here are some quick Q&A:

Q: Does Purple give military discount?

A: Yes, we think they do, please make sure to contact the company to get this exclusive offer or use MogoTest’s Spring Sale Purple discount codes offer. They don’t usually show it on their website, so it’s always recommended to either live chat, call or email them. Here are the details:
Phone number: 1-888-848-0248
Email: info@purple.com

Q: Is this a good choice?

A: Depending on your sleeping position this bed can be an excellent choice, please note, that they have different types that can fit all combination sleepers.