Web Consistency Testing

Mogotest pioneered the practice of Web Consistency Testing and have been actively pushing the industry towards adopting better Web testing practices. We believe that web development teams on the whole spend too much time manually testing (or not testing at all!) things that could be automated. We want to see the Web flourish. We want to see teams focus on adding value to their site, not dealing with tasks that are much better suited to computers. That’s why we built Mogotest and why we’ve developed the practices embodied in Web Consistency Testing.

We also want to work with the web development and testing community. There’s plenty of room for others to get involved and help push the industry forward. We’ve open-sourced a lot of what powers Mogotest and we’ve shared the technology behind how Mogotest works.

If you want to learn more about Web Consistency Testing, check out the project site dedicated to its ongoing development. And join the Google Group to get involved.